Clay Resist & Indigo: Initial Test

clay resist indigo painting techniques

One of the goals I gave myself this year is to learn and develop the skills of more printing techniques. One of these techniques is a resist printing using a clay paste. I made the clay paste that can be thickened or thinned for painting or printing, and tested it by painted on a madder root dyed napkin. Once the clay dries, I dipped it into an indigo vat. After a couple minutes, I pulled out the napkin, and rinsed it. The clay prevents the indigo from grabbing into the painted areas, dyeing all other areas blue.  I have a handful of printing ideas ready to go so there will hopefully be new designs and offerings of this sort in the near future. 

the napkin, after being dyed in indigo. The painted clay lines reveal lighter shades of blue (partial pigment attachment) and the original madder root red of the cotton napkin.

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