Cacti Spirits

clay resist dye experiment indigo natural dyes painting techniques

I am so excited to share some new items with you. This is the beginning of a new phase of work in the studio, and the image here is before an indigo dip. I am combining iron printing with clay resist, layering color and quality of line. I wanted to see if I could layer another design overtop the iron print so I added more cacti spirits, this time hand painted with a clay resist paste. Once dry I can dip these into an indigo vat and the indigo pigment will grab onto the cotton not painted in clay. I am really happy with the results and will be hopefully making some shirts similar to this motif soon. They require so many steps that I hope are not cost prohibitive as I love the finished result and hope others do too! The finished pieces are in the shop at $68 and can be used as bandanas or hung on the wall, used on a spacial table or altar space. 

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