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SLIDING SCALE & TRADES: I have traded clothing for tai chi lessons, pottery, beer, and other artwork, reach out via email if you'd like to make a trade.

I offer a sliding scale price for anyone who identifies as low income, BIPOC, trans, gender non-conforming, as well as our veterans, teachers, climate workers, farmers, and artists. Use the code NEIGHBOR15 for 15% of anything in the shop anytime, no questions asked.

SKIN SENSITIVITY: I use only biodegradable, non-toxic, planet safe soaps and fabric softeners to make sure our fabrics are safe for all skin types (our favorite is 7th generation products). While most plant dyes have almost no record of allergies, please make sure you are not allergic to any of these plants before using our textiles on your own skin.

SHIPPING : Items in stock will ship out within 2 days unless I am traveling. If I am away from my merchandise, I will have a notice at the top of the page of the next soonest ship date.

RETURNS: I do not do returns but am happy to exchange items if you are not satisfied with a new item in the first 30 days. I strive to show items accurately and with enough detail to convey each items' qualities. Proper care of products will ensure a long life of the item and its infused colors. If you have any questions about an item, please email me.

Sustainability Efforts & Waste Based Design

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Make the Round Trip

All items are designed to be unisex, user-friendly, and multi functional to encourage creative interactions and a long life for the product. Hopefully you use your Round Trip Goods until they are worn out from love and daily use. We encourage you to repair, and repurpose your products if you think it’s at the end of their life cycle. We would love to hear of ways you reuse old textiles of any kind. Post on social with #maketheroundtrip to share ideas.