Custom Zodiac Shirts
Custom Zodiac Shirts
Custom Zodiac Shirts
Custom Zodiac Shirts

Custom Zodiac Shirts

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Next Batch : September

Embellish a blank shirt with your astrological symbols, hand painted by your favorite Gemini. This is an upcycle project I am offering leading up to my birthday on the Summer Solstice. Pick out a shirt from your closet, mail it in, I paint it and send it back! Here is how it works:

☀️ Shirt Criteria! Important!

  1. pick a shirt that hasn’t been worn while sweating heavily in. Residue from certain deodorants and pit stains in cotton can react with the dye bath and become more visible.
  2. Pick cotton or a blend with at least 70% cotton for the best results. It doesn’t have to be white, just a light color.
  3. T-shirt or tank tops only, no hoodies, long sleeves, pants, etc. please.
  4. shirts can shrink a tiny bit, so plan accordingly.

☀️ Mail in OR drop off your shirt to me in Denver by September 1st. Include with your shirt the following info:

1. Your Sun, Moon, & Rising Signs

2. Address you want the shirt mailed to

(my email :

☀️ Shirts will then be scoured (a deep clean to prep for painting), hand painted with your 3 symbols in a column on the front, sun moon and rising symbols on the back, stars and galaxies sprinkled in, and tannin dyed to oxidize the handmade iron ink. Tannins add a beige or light purply hue to white shirts and make colored shirts just a tiny shade darker.

☀️ Shirts will be mailed back to you in time for Equinox in September! 

☀️ Price includes shipping back to you!