L ~  "Venice"
L ~  "Venice"

L ~ "Venice"

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appx. Adult L. 20” wide x 27” long. This cotton shirt has been hand dyed using a bundle tying method.  Second hand shirt, hand dyed in 100% real Indigo.  Originally manufactured by an unknown brand and origin.  Hand wash in cold water, hang dry. Ironing is ok. Dyed in Colorado, USA. b

We search our town’s thrift stores for gently used cotton clothes to give them a second life with plant dyes. Each item is one of a kind and is a labor of love. We don’t believe in the binary system of clothing sizing and labels (and the sizing of each items change after scouring, mordanting and washing) so we simply state the width and length of each item for the most accurate representation of size. We recommend measuring a shirt you own that you like as a reference for finding the best size for your comfort. 

A note on skin sensitivity: We use only biodegradable, non-toxic, planet safe soaps and fabric softeners to make sure our fabrics are safe for all skin types (our favorite is 7th generation products). While it is very rare, some people find mullein irritating to the skin. Our other plant dyes have almost no record of allergies but do please make sure you are not allergic to any of these plants before using our textiles on your own skin.