M ~ Galactic Pocket tee
M ~ Galactic Pocket tee

M ~ Galactic Pocket tee

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 23“ wide  x 30“ long pocket cotton t shirt.

Galactic Series: Pieces are printed with original designs, hand painted with iron oxide ink along side galactic explosions of plant pigments including logwood, quebracho, madder root, and marigolds.  Ink is printed and painted, set, oxidized, tannined, cured, washed, and then each item gets additional colors through a steaming process. Some items are additionally embellished with patches and repair stitching. 

Item is 100% post consumer cotton; thrifted, cleaned, scoured, and hand dyed to eliminate support of new textiles production. All natural and biodegradable dyes. Imperfections and color variations exist. Dyed in Colorado, USA. Colors I do not sustainably forage for I source ethically from Botanical Colors in Seattle. Inks are handmade, plant and mineral based, plastic free, safe for skin, and biodegradable. 

Care: For a long life, hand wash inside out in cold water, with gentle soap. Hang dry. Ironing is ok. If you must wash in washer, do so inside out, cold water, and on the delicate cycle. Machine drying is ok too on occasion.

Sizing: I recommend measuring a shirt you own as a reference for finding the best size for your comfort. Not all “Larges” are the same exact size, as manufacturers of items vary. If you don't have a measuring device, a standard piece of printing paper can work as a rough guide, as they are 8.5” x 11”.

A note on skin sensitivity: I use only biodegradable, non-toxic, planet safe soaps and fabric softeners to make sure our fabrics are safe for all skin types (our favorite is 7th generation products). While it is very rare, some people find mullein irritating to the skin. Our other plant dyes have almost no record of allergies but do please make sure you are not allergic to any of these plants before using our textiles on your own skin.